interested in volunteering? Join us!

[01/30/2014] Technical Elective Night

The IEEE Technical Elective night is tonight! This is an event to help students choose their 3rd and 4th year technical electives. The presentations will be posted on our Technical Electives page.

[10/16/2013] NSS 2013 Invitation Package

NSS 2013 is coming soon! This is a great event for students of all disciplines. Click here to learn more.

If you are a company looking for more information on attending, and possibly sponsoring the event, click here, or simply view the invitation above [.pdf].

[09/10/2012] NSS Package

NSS is just around the corner and we are looking for volunteers to help us out! Above (picture) is a link to the invitation letter [.pdf] we will be sending to companies.

[18/02/2012] Tech Elective night was a huge success with 7 faculty members presenting. For more information about the options you have, click here.

Check out “Volunteering” for information; or…

Come by our office at ETLC E2-040N for more details on how you can get involved. If the lights are on and the door is closed, knock and try your luck!

Contact Info
Office: ETLC E2-040N
Phone: (780) 492-8706
E-mail: or email one of our executive team.

[07/06/2011] IEEEXtreme 5.0: U of A Team

University of Alberta will be participating in the IEEEXtreme 5.0 event held on October 22! It is a 24-hour programming competition where IEEE student members from all over the world participate. The team is tentative called “UofA.”

And for the curious: Prizes.

[09/06/2011] Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting had a good turnout, but more importantly, we had many students interested in volunteering!

Check out our presentation here [.pdf]!


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