We generally hold at least 5 events throughout the academic calendar. These events either foster relationships with industry or gives students a more in-depth look at the various paths they may take their academic career.

This year, we are attempting to start an Embedded Systems tutorial for all interested students by introducing the MPG group here at the University of Alberta. We are also planning on a tech trip to Montreal this summer, which includes visiting various ECE focused companies and attending a tech conference [ IMS 2012 ] hosted by IEEE.

Events List — Food and refreshments offered for all events

  • NSS — Last Friday of November, Annually
    NSS is our most well-known event, with an attendance of around 200 people. Click here, for more information.
    Note: If you want to be part of this great event, join us!
  • Tech Elective Night — Early Winter Term
    Catered specifically to ECE students, this event informs students of the various directions one may take their degree. There are numerous subsets of both electrical and computer engineering, and whom better than for faculty members specializing in those fields to tell you exactly what to expect? So if you are confused as to which courses to take, this night was made specifically for you!
  • Grad Studies Info Night — Mid Winter Term
    We focus on informing students showing interest ranging from strong to waning on what the challenges are in pursuing a higher degree. But, instead of focusing on the bureaucratic jargon –which plenty of other similar events the university holds elucidates, we provide narratives from current grad students and even young professors about their trials and triumphs that come with a post-graduate degree. It is a very practical and personal perspective of what grad school entails and is unique among comparable events.
  • WIE Event — Late Winter
    This event is open to everyone. Last year, we invited two guest speakers: the VP of Willowglen, Gail Powley and the President and CEO of Micralyne, Nancy Fares, to speak about their rise from an engineer to an executive. This was a well-received and riveting event about the many obstacles one must face, the rewards of hard work, and the dedication it takes in order to reach a goal–all of which IEEE|SB encourages and fosters.

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