About IEEE

What is IEEE?

>> The Organization at Large
IEEE is the one of the world’s largest professional organization in the technical field for over 125 Years. It original stood for the “Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers”, but has since expanded their memberships to not only all engineers of all disciplines, but also those specializing in traditional sciences and even mathematics. IEEE boasts of over 400, 000 members worldwide, in addition to having one of the largest databases, hold industry standards and hosts numerous renowned conferences worldwide. The organization is also dedicated to community contributions, and the Student Branch here is at the University of Alberta is but one of many chapters in which IEEE fosters the future generation.

For more information, visit IEEE.org.

Membership Benefits

Although it is free to volunteer with IEEE|SB at the University of Alberta, there is a small fee to join the IEEE Organization. Undergraduate students are heavily subsidized with membership costing only $32 annually. The more tangible benefits include:

  • Subscription to IEEE Spectrum and Potentials magazines
  • Access to the IEEE Xplore online digital library
  • Get your own @ieee.org e-mail alias
  • Great insurance rates
  • Discounts from IEEE partners which includes hardware, car rentals, software, to name a few
  • Hundreds of conferences in all areas of IEEE; members receive discounts on registration
  • Access to technical chapters such as EMBS, MTT, A&P
  • Eligibility for awards and scholarships
  • Become involved in professional activities related to your discipline

>> The Student Branch at the University of Alberta

IEEE|SB, as it is known locally, is part of the Northern Canadian Section of IEEE. Here, at the University of Alberta, we are amongst the most active student organizations as we continually strive to bridge ECE students with industry and faculty members. Our volunteers are dedicated and driven to enhance the professional and academic experience of all ECE students by hosting a multitude events including our largest and most well-known, The Networking SuperSession, followed by Tech Elective Night, Grad Studies Info Night, and WIE event.

We always welcome volunteers of any academic year, including undergraduates, graduates and faculty members to our club. If you have an idea, suggestion or would simply like to know what IEEE|SB is all about in more detail, feel free to come by our office at ETLC E2-040N, or feel free to email any one of us.

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